The Counselling Process

Counselling is a talking therapy. It can help individuals and couples find more effective ways of adjusting during times of uncertainty and change.t

The emotional upheaval of relationship difficulties, work stress and bereavement can lead to feelings of isolation, sadness, anxiety and depression. When our sense of insecurity and self-doubt increase we may feel that we have little or no control over the present - or the future. This undoubtedly affects the way we live our lives, making it difficult to recognise our choices and to relate, in the way which we would like, to our family, friends and work colleagues.

Family and friends can be a great help during these difficult times. However, you may feel they are 'too close' to be objective or maybe you feel the difficulties are connected with them in some way. If this is the case - then counselling may be a useful option for you.

Feelings of anxiety, confusion, anger, insecurity and depression are all natural responses to absolutely all of life's challenges. They are very efficient warning signs that get our attention by disrupting our lives, making us feel unsettled and insecure. We can choose to ignore the warning signs and push them to the back of our minds - in the hopes they'll 'go away' - sadly, they don't. Alternatively, we can acknowledge them by trying to understand and make sense of the feelings, thoughts & behaviour that is unsettling our lives. What I find reassuring is that we are all very similar, in that we all experience the highs & lows of human emotions.

Understanding how you cope and look after yourself during troubled times can help you make sense of why you feel the way you do; self-awareness always brings with it the option of change.

Our coping mechanisms and defenses are learned, as a survival strategy, through our differing childhood experiences. Most will be effective and will adapt to our present challenges, whilst others may become powerful defenses�, like a, seemingly impenetrable 'protective wall'.

Talking with a counsellor, who is far removed from your daily life, can bring a satisfying feeling of self-awareness, understanding and control.